Crisp cut every time

Mowing your lawn with an Allett garden cylinder mower ensures a crisp cut every time due to their precision blades and rollers.

Allett lawnmowers provide users with expertly-built, reliable, well-proven grass-cutting reel mowers which produce a seemingly effortless first-class finish to every lawn on which they are used.

The attractive light and dark stripes produced by a cylinder mower are recognised as being longer-lasting and more crisply-defined than those created by other mowers fitted with a rear roller alone.

The front and rear rollers of a cylinder mower run close to the point at which the grass is cut. This allows very low heights of cut to be achieved accurately without scalping.

A cylinder mower’s grass box is located at the front of the machine. The contents are always visible so you know how much grass is being cut, how well the mower is cutting and whether you have the capacity to make another run across the lawn.

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