ATCO 16E 1800W Electric Lawnmower

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    ATCO 16E 1800W Electric Lawnmower
  • ATCO 16E 1800W Electric Lawnmower
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Perfect for smaller lawns (15 x 15m)
Electric push mower with a powerful, 1800W electric motor
6 pre-set cutting heights (adjustable between 25 and 75mm
Integral rear roller for flawless lawn striping

Light and easy to handle, the 16E is designed to breeze through small (225 square metre) spaces in a matter of minutes. It has a wide cutting deck and a robust, 42cm/16” rotary blade that guarantees a flawless finish on any domestic lawn. It’s also blessed with lightweight chassis and extra-wide wheels, which gives it plenty of traction and ensures that you’ll never struggle to manoeuver in tight or unforgiving spaces.

The 16E is also an incredibly versatile mower. It has 6 different height of cut options - ranging from 20 to 75mm which gives you total control over the final cut. It also boasts a large - 50 litre - collector and 3-in-1 functionality that’s designed to let you choose between collecting, discharging or mulching your grass clippings (depending on personal preference and the condition of your lawn).

And if that wasn’t enough, the 16E is also equipped with a full-width rear roller. This roller provides plenty of extra traction, and it also enables you to create flawless lawn stripes as you mow.

So, if you’re searching for a mower that’ll deliver a flawless finish without annoying your neighbors, the 16E is probably the model for you. This versatile electric mower is also a great choice if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or want to enjoy a beautiful lawn without paying for the high running costs associated with a petrol lawn mower.

Centralised height of cut adjustment

Via a single lever to give 6 positions between 25mm and 75mm.

Mulching kit

Just insert the mulch plug to finely cut grass clippings into a nitrogen rich mulch which is recycled back into the lawn as a natural fertiliser.

Camlock fittings

For easy folding of the ergonomic handles for compact storage.

Grass bag full indicator

Shows you when to empty the bag and prevents clogging the rotors.

Large wheels

For enhanced manoeuvrability

Integral rear rollers

That leave a beautiful striped finish to your lawn.

ATCO Electric Lawnmower
Net Power Output 1800 watts
Cutting Width 42cm
Cutting Height 25-75mm (6 Positions)
Cutting Height Adjustment Centralised
Mulching Yes
Roller Yes
Finish Lawn Stripes
Collector Rigid 50 litres
Chassis Polypropylene
Lawn Size 15m x 15m
Safety Features Operator Presence Switch
Wheels Front 150mm, Rear 250mm
Cable Length 15 Metre
dB(A) Rating 96
Warranty 2 Years

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