Cordless Battery Hedgetrimmers

Cordless or battery-powered hedge trimmers are ideal for small maintenance tasks. They’re lightweight, portable and very easy to manoeuver, which is ideal if you’re trying to avoid fatigue. They’re also more than capable of producing a neat finish, and they’re environmentally friendly, which is ideal if you live in a crowded, urban environment. 

Thanks to recent advancements in battery technology, cordless hedge cutters do last for quite a long time too. The days of charging your trimmer for six hours, only to find that it runs out of juice in less than 20 minutes are - thankfully - long gone, and it’s safe to assume that all of the products in this range will keep running for at least an hour.

Browsing below, you’ll see a range of double- and single-sided cordless hedge trimmers that are suitable for the majority of household tasks. 

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