ATCO GT43HR Lawn Tractor

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Premium lawn tractor that’s perfect for lawns up to 2.5 acres in size
Powerful, Briggs and Stratton engine for smooth operation and a flawless finish
Double-bladed, 108cm cutting deck
Hydrostatic transmission
7 height-of-cut settings, from 25-80mm

A powerful mulching lawn tractor that’s perfect for larger lawns

Atco’s GT43HR is a robust and powerful lawn tractor that’s capable of delivering a perfect finish every time. It boasts a wide - 108cm - cutting deck with 7 different height-of-cut settings, but its short wheel base and small turning circle make it incredibly easy to maneuver around flower beds, raised borders and other obstacles.

The GT43HR is also a joy to operate. The controls are all within easy reach of the driver's seat; the height-of-cut settings can be set using a single, counterweighted lever, and there’s no clutch and gearbox to wrestle with.

Instead, the GT43HR is powered by a a fully hydrostatic transmission, which means that this mulching lawn tractors’ speed automatically adjusts according to the amount of pressure you put on the accelerator. If you’re looking for something that’s reliable, effective and easy to use, the GT43HR is a perfect choice.


Like all Atco lawn tractors, the GT43HR is designed to create a neat and even finish on any lawn. It's powered by a large - 500cc - Briggs and Stratton engine that puts out all the horsepower you’ll need to race through thick, tough or long grass, and it also boasts a twin-bladed cutting deck with mulching capabilities.

In addition, Atco have also equipped the GT43HR with anti-scalp wheels. These wheels are designed to prevent the deck from coming in contact with the ground whenever you drive over a slight bump or raised section of lawn, and they do a tremendous job of keeping your lawn neat and tidy.

Mulching Capabilities

The GT43HR is a mulching lawn tractor, which means it can be set up so that grass clippings are cycled back into the cutting deck and pulverized until they form a fine mulch. This mulch is then added back to your soil so that it can nourish your grass, and prompt fresh growth.

This helps to cut down on the need for chemical fertilisers, and it also saves you a lot of time - in the sense that you won’t have to go back out, and feed your lawn after you’ve finished cutting it. The GT 38 HR also has the ability to discharge grass clippings from the side, which is ideal when you’re dealing with long or rough grass that won’t mulch easily. The GT43HR does not have the ability to collect grass clippings, and there is no grass bag.


Despite its large engine and wide cutting base, the GT43HR is a lightweight lawn tractor with good fuel economy and relatively low running costs.

The GT43HR is also built around a Briggs and Stratton engine that’s been designed for residential spaces. This engine boasts a patented AVS® anti-vibration system that’s designed to cut down on noise (and keep your neighbors happy), as well as OHV technology that’s designed to improve fuel economy and reduce your carbon footprint.


The GT43HR is a durable and hard wearing tractor that’s constructed using precision-built parts to withstand the rigours of regular use. 

The GT43 HR’s PowerBuilt 4165 AVS engine is also built for durability. It has a simple, overhead valve design; cast iron cylinder sleeves and a mechanical governor that’ll keep your mower running smoothly for years to come.

It comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

Powered by

Powered by a high performance Briggs & Stratton engine.

Hydrostatic transmission

Forward and reverse speed is controlled by simply pressing a foot pedal, similar to driving an automatic car.

Side discharge

Side discharge is ideal when you need to cut longer grass and don't wish to collect.

Mulching function

Grass clippings are recycled back into the soil, returning valuable nutrients and saving you time and money!

Wash link

The washing link makes it easy to clean the cutting deck

Ride-On / Tractor
Engine Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 4165 AVS
Engine Capacity 500cc
Power 9kW @ 2800rpm
Electric Start Electric Key
Fuel Capacity 6.0 Litres
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive Rear Wheel
Speed Max 8.8km/h
Cutting Width 108cm / 42in
Cutting Heights 25-80mm (7 Positions)
Blade Engagement Electronic Switch
Turning Circle 130cm
Safety Features Seat with Safety Contact Breaker
Parking Brake Yes
Included Accessories Tow Hitch & Mulching Kit
Mulching Yes
Battery Charger Yes
Side Discharge Yes
dB(A) Rating 100dB(A)
Headlights Yes
Lawn Size Up to 2.5 acres
Dimensions Length 165cm x Width 132cm
Tow Bar Yes
Wheels Front 15" Rear 18"
Weight 166kg
Warranty 5 Years

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