Wheeled Vacs/Blowers

Wheeled Vacs/Blowers

For large domestic gardens, park areas or industrial estates for the clearing of almost anything – leaves, grass cuttings, dust and debris, and on some machines, bulky litter such as cans and plastic bottles. Wheeled vacuums are therefore ideal for commercial use, for home use with large grounds, or for grounds maintenance professionals.

Available in different sizes – more compact models for the domestic user looking to tidy smaller gardens, patios and pool areas. These user-friendly wheeled vacuums can operate on grass or hard tarmac so that you can manoeuvre around your property and clear up with confidence.

The larger commercial wheeled vacuums tend to be more powerful and have larger collectors so are more suited for commercial landscapers.

We stock an extensive range of wheeled vacuums by brand leader Billy Goat. These Billy Goat wheeled vacuums deliver outstanding results in even the toughest conditions. They are ideal for even the most challenging commercial clearance work. For the domestic user there are a number of smaller models, most notably the compact Little Billy.

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